Friday, 22 November 2019

Words of wisdom, By Naseeba Babale

"Two years ago I was having a conversation with a relative who told me that I should change the color of my skin because these days, men prefer light-skinned ladies to those with an extra shot of melanin. I was both baffled and angry at the shallowness of that thought.
"A while ago, a cousin of mine was bitterly complaining about how much she doesn't like the feel of foundation on her skin. So I asked her why she puts on something she doesn't like, and her response was "mazan ne sai da haka".
"Recently, it was said about me, that my problem is that I am too black.
"These incidences would give you an insight into how ladies are made to believe about themselves and their worth.
"I think it is time the society focuses on raising women that care more about who they are than how they look. Women that wake up every day thinking of how to make themselves better, how to learn something new, how to help others, how to be of benefit, how to make money, than how to make themselves more physically appealing to men. Women that understand that they have more to offer to the men in their lives than their looks. Women that know that they are the mothers of the future generation and that they need more than just looks to do that. Women that care more about how much value they add than the number of men that turn and say wow when they pass by.
"I'm not saying women should disregard their appearance, but let us know what really matters.
We need more confident women." 

By Mujitapha Musa Abdulaziz